Step-by-Step Process

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The future of integrated media is here.

We at i20/20 Media Group have developed a process which guides the business owner (or delegated representative) through your marketing plan phases – from design to launch. We provide ongoing consultation and direction.

Step 1.

Initial Consultation – i20/20 & YOU

We begin our program by completing a short survey with you. This takes approximately one hour. This guides current and future marketing efforts. With your input, i20/20 will determine the scope of the project, existing resources available (web, social media, pictures, brochures, etc.), your level of involvement in the process, and the focus of your campaign.

Step 2.

Content Delivery – You

In this step, you provide us with what already exists – write-ups about your product and/or service, existing brochures and marketing materials, pictures, Facebook or other social platforms used, graphics, etc. This is where you communicate the direction and focus of your holiday campaign. Platform scope (e-mail, social media, micro-site) will be deter

Step 3.

Design/Design Review- i20/20 & YOU

Now we get down to work! With 3 hours of free design time, we take your information, media, and marketing focus and integrate it – developing a cohesive message ready for your new or existing customers. 

Step 4.

Approval & Launch – i20/20 & You

After updates have been made with input from you, we obtain your approval to launch your campaign – ready for your new or existing customers to get your message to the right people at the right time. You have the final say… are you ready?

Step 5.

Ongoing Consultation

i20/20 Media Group is with you on this journey for approximately 10 weeks, here to answer your questions, guide your campaign, and collaborate on new ideas with you. Rely on our decades of marketing experience in developing successful marketing campaigns for small businesses to jump the hurdles and successfully run the obstacle course presented by today’s culture of almost too many choices.

If you’d like to maintain your offer through 2020 and beyond, all it takes is a $25 monthly maintenance fee. If you’d like to refresh or expand your campaign, i20/20 Media Group will be offering a SPRINGTIME Marketing program.

To expand your marketing scope and program, a customized program can be developed in collaboration with i20/20 staff. We use “best practice” tools to assist small to medium business owners, offering the most impact for the least outlay.

I’m interested – Contact Me!

i20/20 Media Group understands the collaborative nature of a marketing relationship. We’re available to answer your questions and brainstorm with you on your ideas or take your ideas and announce them to the world. 

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