Purpose and Mission

MyAroundTown.com is a community inspired communications portal.

The purpose and mission of MyAroundTown.com is to create an awareness of the unique and interesting people, places, businesses, history, activities, and features of Kittitas County by providing a locally-produced Web Portal that is

  • Attractive
  • User friendly
  • Highly interactive.

In order to fulfill that missionMyAroundTown.com has been designing, producing, and publishing material on a portal platform designed to fill the gap between traditional media and the growing trend of using local content to serve local and interested out of area travelers and contacts.

We do this by publishing;

  • A Kittitas County Edition of Jumpstart Your Weekend  | a weekly publication listing activities, events, and entertainment in Kittitas County (on hold – forced by covid)
  • The Central Washington Sentinel
  • e-Mail Newsletters
  • Various other formats to keep you informed

First Published in April 2010

We’ve been building this community resource with the input of:

  • Local people
  • Local businesses
  • A variety of data gathering and technical resources.

It is our intention to continue to pursue the mission and purpose of MyAroundTown.com as our passion and as our promise.