More jobs for our region by providing secure method for land owners to acquire water!

(Submitted by Steve Senger) As an active Custom Home Builder in Kittitas County dealing with the water moratorium put into effect on July 16, 2009 by the Department of Ecology, I have experienced firsthand the devastating effects it is having … Continue reading

DOE Says “Washington Water Laws need upgrading”-W.S.G.W.A. concurs !

upper county water

“Washington Water Laws need upgrading” was in a recent Department of Ecology (DOE) statement made during the 12/7/10 Senate Environment, Water & Energy Committee Work Session in Olympia. The Washington State Ground Water Association (WSGWA)  was quick to agree. The following is … Continue reading


Mycorrhizal Fungii In farming lore of times past it was a practice of French (and other) farmers to “bless” a new field by sprinkling it with earth from an older field known to be productive. Modern research has now shown … Continue reading